On this month's Spooky Burrito Hazz & Jordan are talking about what is probably one of the most famous video game urban legends there is;

Ben Drowned... 

The legend goes that a student by the name of Jadusable while searching through local garage sales for retro video games he finds what seems to be an old copy of The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask for the Nintendo 64. He's gifted the copy for free by the old creepy man holding the garage sale and as he begins is playthrough of the game he begins to notice something strange.

On the game's title screen still sits and old file named "Ben" and when the games characters begin calling him by that name even on his own game file Jadusable starts to suspect something a little more sinister is going on. His gaming experience starts to take a dark turn as he's stalked by a Link statue, his character bursts into flames and the whole game begins to fall apart around him.

Let's get spooky!


Read the original story here ---> https://creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/BEN_Drowned

Watch the videos here ---> https://www.youtube.com/user/Jadusable


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