Welcome back to classic Grief Burrito!

On episode 86 Hazz & Jordan are reviewing their game of the month and deciding if it's worth you hard earned money! And trying not to swear...

The new format for reviewing games is as follows:

Gameplay, Hows The Tortilla - The games wrapping; The world, the tone, the art and the sound.

Mechanics, What's The Filling - What do you do in the game? And can you do it well?!

Worth it? HOW HOT IS THAT SAUCE - Did the game leave a tingle on our tongue, a sweat on our cheeks (face cheeks you pervert) or a fire in our belly!

We then rate the game out of our 1 - 5 on our scale (Mild, Tepido, Hot, One Spicy Boi! and OH GOD SEND THE LORD! We then combine the rating to give the game a score out of 10!

This month the chosen game is "Pumpkin Jack" the solo developer action platformer that channels all the spooky strangeness of Medieval and the snarky comedy of Banjo Kazooie! Sounds right up Hazz & Jordans spooky street.


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