Many people believe we're living in a simulated universe. And, to the many intelligent people at the highest peaks of science this Simulation Theory is becoming much more mainstream. Which obviously may come as a surprise. One of the main people who have driven the Simulation Theory to the masses happens to be Elon Musk, who making many statements on the matter of Nested Simulations makes the point that if simulations are possible, which we obviously see around us already as computers grow in processing power and with the rise of Virtual Reality, then the chances of us being in the Base Layer Simulation (which is were all simulations would span from) is one in billions. Scary right? On this episode Hazz & Jordan touch on the many facets of the Simulation Theory and how it may connect to so many other things around us. Multiverses, Quarks, Consciousness... this episode takes a nice little wander through many of them. If you'd like us to touch on one of the subjects covered in this episode a little more then let us know on


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