Well well well! This is it for another year of Spooky Burrito! Thank you so much for everyone who has listened and even more so for everyone who has taken part. This year has been amazing and we love you all!


On this month's finale Hazz & Jordan are joined by the spookiest people they know; Liana & Erica from the incredible Nightgeist Podcast. You have these two to thank for Grief Burrito even existing!

On this episode we'll be covering a Harry Potter style understairs ghost, the weirdest funeral food, a giant light over Gran Canaria, why aliens are collecting butts and checking for poop and what would Erica do if her husband had an alien mustache... How that differs from a regular mustache we do not know. Oh and the whole time you may here a cat purring which is totally relaxing! I must warn you though... Liana's final story is pretty freaky... you have been warned! CAT PURRING SHOULD SAVE YOU THOUGH!

Make sure to check out Nightgeist here ---> https://www.nightgeistpod.com/

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