Today is Jordan's first time hosting the Grief Burrito podcast! It's his turn to examine a paranormal case of his choice and this month it's The Enfield Poltergeist!

First we hit some game news regarding Halo: Infinite & The Epic Stores latest free giveaways: Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden and the amazing Hyper Light Drifter. In our latest Movie News section we hear about The Super Mario Bros Movie and the upcoming Mortal Kombat film by director James Wan. GET OVER HERE!

Weekly Recommends:

Invader Zim: Enter The Florpus - The latest Netflix film from Jhonen Vasquez carrying on the horrific adventures of Dib, Gaz & Professor Membrane as they try to stop Zim, GIR and Mini Moose from destroying Earth!





2:55 – GameNews / Movie News

23min – Spooky Burrito Poltergeists Enfield Haunting

58:30min – Weekley Recommends


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