Well you special little sausage you've got ANOTHER bonus episode!

On Spooky Burrito 24.5 Hazz & Jordan are still joined by Ross from I Understood That reference to not only discuss some psychological weirdness to turn your own face into a DEMON but also we take a read through another Send In Your Spooky to hear about YOUR strange encounters.

We get a little into some unusual science concepts too as we discuss the part of the brain that causes spirituality, a woman who doesn't see the left side of her body and the strange case of a man who believed his family had been replaced by doppelgangers! ALSO MICROWAVE CHIPS ARE BACK!

Also Jordan likes to stare at himself in the mirror while drunk... weird...

If you want to get involved with the show and "Send In Your Spooky" for the next bonus episode make sure to send it to griefburrito@gmail.com!

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